Creating extraordinary impact with serial entrepreneur Julie Creffield


Is your business ready for a bigger stage?

Have you been playing small with a venture that could 100% make a difference in this world? Are you holding yourself back from creating your own wealth? Are you ready to build an empire and grow your tribe? Then maybe it's time you considered joining my EPIC tribe for a bit.

Fed up of going it alone, growing your business at what seems like a snails pace?

Do you feel like you are fast running out of time to make your business venture a success? Fighting the shame and embarrassment that you haven't made more progress yet?

Cos you are bloody brilliant at what you do right? Surely it shouldn't take this long, it shouldn't be this hard?

Especially when everyone else seems to have their shit together...everyone else seems to know what they are doing.

Perhaps you think you have left it too late in life, or that you don't have the tech skills needed to grow a vibrant are an expert in your thing, you don't need to be an expert in all of those other things everyone's going on about.


Ready to become part of a REAL community of business owners that become fundamental to your growth and success?

...because my love what you actually need to get the traction isn't more followers, what you need to do is to use proven engagement strategies to create your Tribe and step into the leader you know you can be.

Because remember a Tribe isn't just about having a heap of followers on social media, or a FREE facebook group that zaps your energy and is full of freebie hunters and tyre kickers.

A real tribe where you lead from the front without abusing your power is one where your members believes in you and your business, they have your back, and they love and respect you so wouldn't dream of taking advantage of your fact they are happy to come on your business growth journey with you....because you are on a mission.


Join my 2020 Tribe Builder Cohort

As we enter a new decade there is much work to be done. 

Imagine being part of a consistent cohort of 150 business owners just like you, YES 150 inspiring entrepreneurs on a similar journey, moving as a unit, growing as we go? And instead of comparing themselves to each other or tearing each other down, they build each other up while also building their empires.

Imagine having a coach on your side that knows your struggle, but also sees your genius. Who knows what it's like to be frustrated in her business, but got through it and is not thriving? A coach that is part mentor, part teacher, part coach, part strategist? A coach who won't bullshit you, who will support you to reach your goals, because they are her goals too?



6 Month Intensive Online Programme

No fluff. No bullshit. Core Learning Modules. Support to launch an engagement campaign and a paid for programme. Monthly Guest Experts. And a thriving community with real access to me, your coach. Get ready to attract new customers and make heaps more money.

Quick & Dirty Launch Formula

GET SHIT DONE with weekly tribe building tasks and my "Grand in your Hand" and "Do it Already" sales challenges to increase your visibility, build your list and grow your bank NOW!!!

Ongoing Support from the Tribe Builder Community

Not only will you build your tribe, you will learn how to be a valued member of other peoples Tribe and realised just how powerful being around like-minded entrepreneurs can be...AND you get the option to stay after the 6 months for ongoing support.

Prices go up soon...

Register now for the Jan intake but at my 2019 prices









What else will you get?

In 6 Tribe Building months you will discover how to

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by gaining the trust of potential customers who actually want to buy from you 
  • Make your products and services spread like wildfire with a ready to implement engagement strategy that works 
  • Leverage your community for PR, passive income, and money-can't-buy opportunities that blow your mind
  • Work smarter not harder with a business model and pricing structure that works for you, giving you more time to do the things you love

Imagine 150 entrepreneurs moving as a unit supporting one another for 6 months like their life depended on it.

Let me share my 25 years of expertise in old skool community creation and engagement...that is 100% applicable to this online world in fact I think you'll find it a welcome relief.

Let me share with you how I grew my 6 figure coaching business without the need for sleazy sales tactics, facebook adverts or cheap labour...and how I continue to grow as a business leader.

Come and join me on this crusade towards true wealth creation, join my exclusive Tribe in 2020 and let me show you how to build your very own one too, so you can move into this new decade safe in the knowledge that your success is on it's way.


I'm in...where do I sign up?

So you've heard enough to know you are interested, and now you just want to know about the nitty gritty...prices, dates and format...OK I hear you.

Can I share something personal with you?

Being an entrepreneur is flipping hard work, and being one with a purpose led, or socially driven product, service or idea can be even harder.

Cos there is this bullshit belief out there that you can't do good in the world AND make money too!! That belief kept me stuck for such a long time...I was doing great things in the world, but my life wasn't getting any better.

It is frustrating not to see the growth you would like, and from time to time you lose the energy required to keep going.

This was me a few years back, frustrated at not being able to turn my expertise into profit. I really did think I'd have to get a proper job, even though I knew it would kill me.

And nobody else got it, I was so flipping lonely, my vision was literally eating me up inside because I had nobody to share it with.

Then I realised I already had the answer, I just needed to create the community that I needed and bring other business owners with me. I needed to use my 20+ years of community building skills to create the network I knew would be a game changer for so many small business owners.

Let's make this happen TODAY!!!

If you are ready to become the kind of influencer and profitable business owner who takes action and really makes a difference sign up today or book a discovery call with me.

Pricing Options

These prices go up in you can lock in the 2019 prices now by signing up before 15th December....and then kick back in the knowledge that you are starting a new decade in good hands.

Payment Plan

£333 per month

For 6 months

Access to the formidable Tribe Builder Community

6 Months of Support

10 Core Learning Modules

A Campaign Launch

Implementation Weeks

A Big Fat Learning Opportunity

Downloadable Templates 

Content Planning Swipe Files

Weekly Interactive Live Coaching

90 Day Growth Action Plan

Guest Experts who flipping ROCK

Smart Pricing Structure Guidelines

Immediate access to affiliate opportunities

Sign up Now



Access to the formidable Tribe Builder Community

6 Months of Support

10 Core Learning Modules

A Campaign Launch

Implementation Weeks

A Big Fat Learning Opportunity

Downloadable Templates 

Content Planning Swipe Files

Weekly Interactive Live Coaching

90 Day Growth Action Plan

Guest Experts who flipping ROCK

Smart Pricing Structure Guidelines

Immediate access to affiliate opportunities

Sign up Now

"I NEED THIS SHIT NOW!" Executive Tribe Builder Coaching


For entrepreneurs who are serious about making this happen, and want access to my genius for a whole year...and NOW

90 Minute Deep Dive Session via Zoom to assess the tribe building capabilities of your business.

Social media and website review

Access to all of the materials from Tribe Builder to go through in your own time.

12 months worth of development, engagement and accountability coaching calls

Covert community engagement assessment and rapid action interventions.

Support developing your signature programme, with in built community engagement/happy participant strategies 

Detailed "Tribe Building" Action Plan

Tailored 100% to your business and your circumstances

Payment Plans Available

(This is suitable for folks who need to get their Tribe Building/Community Engagement shit together but don't necessarily want to hold hands and sing songs with other entrepreneurs while doing it ha ha)

Contact me to lock in 2019 Price Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Look I know committing to a new programme can feel daunting, what if it doesn't work, what if I'm not the coach for you. So lets have a chat? If you have any questions drop me a text +447961374772

Julie Creffield, founder of the plus size fitness movement Too Fat to Run, has spent the past 5 years working with women to improve their health and happiness as a transformational life coach.

Prior to that for more than a decade Julie worked as a project manager and consultant in community development working with all kinds of groups to bring people together to work on a shared vision.

She wrote policy that helped the London 2012 Organising Committee recruit 70,000 unpaid volunteers, and she has a speciality in engaging harder to reach groups through her work.

When Julie became a single mom in 2013, she decided to put her 20 year experience and skills in community-building to work in her own business and turned her blog into a 6-figure business with global reach.

Today, Julie works with business owners and organisations to increase their profits and reach more people using her Tribe-Builder Framework.

Julie believes that, “You deserve a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life, plus a business that supports your lifestyle."

And it doesn't need to be super hard.

My ideal client is an ambitious entrepreneur (from pretty much any industry) who is frustrated at not making the kind of impact they want to in their business.

We have had entrepreneurs at varying stages of business, and that diversity adds to the magic of the Tribe...I don't want to lose that.

I am looking for entrepreneurs who are good at what they do (ie already an expert in their thing) but need growth, and more structure to build a sustainable, profitable and impactful business.

Or business owners with a great idea but without the structure to get it off the ground...there are not many masterminds that support this level of start up.

Either way they want to make more money so they can invest in the business, and do nice stuff for their family and maybe even go on some proper adventures....rather than having to choose.

They are on social media but not consistent, and not strategic...or need help being more visible. 

This is because they haven't fully grasped yet how community engagement in its truest "offline" nature works, and how it can be embedded into everything they do.

They are ready to be open and honest about where they are at and where they need some support to grow.

They are not afraid to be vulnerable.

Ha ha, there is a massive misconception that to be a successful entrepreneur you have to be super famous, all over social media, with a massive email list.

This is not a numbers game, this is about utilising the networks you already have and attracting the right people to your work.

Plus getting super clear on who you are so you actually repel the time wasters and folks you don't want to work with too.

This programme isn't just about increasing your social media numbers, its 100% about quality of engagement too.

Julie works at her best with big groups, she is able to take a more global view of what is needed rather than focus on the minutia of individual business owners.

Did you know that the Romans created and deployed armies of 150 in each unit, to go out and conquer new territories...this number has been researched and is thought to be the perfect size for a community, which enables good communication, collaboration and the forming of useful cultures. 

Within a Tribe of 150 you are going to have incredible support, expertise and access to new opportunities and networks.

A Tribe of this size allows you a safe space to be nurtured and try out new things, while also increasing your visibility and confidence in taking your thing to new markets.

The opportunity for joint venture, the sharing of expertise and real connection is immeasurable

I get it might be thinking in a group of 150 you will get lost...I promise you, you won't.

You will have real access to me as your coach, you will get my eyes on your business for 6 whole months, you will get bespoke support unique to you and your venture...but the added value is 100% in that extended network. 

There are 10 core lessons that help you embed Tribe Building in your business, and then implementation and experiential weeks more about putting your learning into action.

There are bonus modules available for business owners with specific interests in areas not covered in the core content everything from how to use insta stories, to how to build the perfect newsletter.

This programme is part learning, part doing, and part getting your head straight around your capabilities.

You get downloadable resources and prompts, so you don't get stuck

You get weekly accountability

You get weekly live coaching

You get a chance to practice selling your stuff in the group once a week

You get to surround yourself with other awesome business owners from different industries where we learn from each other rather than compete

You get brilliant guest experts

PLUS you get a coach who isn't going to bullshit you. I say things as they are, I do everything I can to help your business be successful. 

I started my first business at aged was a collaboration with my older brother and involved a bucket and sponge.

Only's true but you want to know about the proper businesses right?

I set up Urban 8 Creative Solutions in 2000, as an umbrella company for a range of high level consultancy contracts I had in the arts, sports and community engagement sectors over a 10 year period. I worked with the Royal Opera House, London Organising Committee for the 2012 Games, Sport England, Greater London Authority & The Arts Council

Too Fat to Run was founded in 2014, and is probably the business I am most known for, the business grew rapidly online and off, and has gained government backing and had PR in more than 50+ countries worldwide.

This is the business I grew to 6 figures.

Living a Bigger Life is the brand used for all of my transformational life coaching programmes, everything from annual retreats, to masterminds, to 10 day challenges.

I am also involved in a range of joint venture partnerships with other entrepreneurs, continue to work as a consultant and work as a keynote speaker internationally.

Absolutely. I would hate for cashflow to be a barrier to you working with me.

If you need an extended payment plan I am open to that too, but please don't ask me for a FREE place on the course...cos that's just cringe right?

Julie has created countless communities in her life time, and supported a range of organisations and companies to manage their user groups, with all kinds of people, for all kinds of reasons.

  • In 2000 she formed her first official community, Urban 8 Dance Company which explored cultural identity in East London
  • She worked for many years as a drama practitioner working with harder to reach groups such as young people at risk of offending, young parents, LGBT young people and care leavers.
  • She wrote policy for the 70,000 volunteers required for the London Gamesmaker Programme
  • She created The Golden Years Dance Troupe, a community for older people in Redbridge to get involved in the London 2012 Games
  • She recruited, trained and deployed more than 5000 volunteers via the NEwham Volunteers and Redbridge Ambassador Programme
  • She created a global community of 50K plus size runners via her blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running
  • She created a community of more than 200 women in her online life coaching programmes Living a Bigger Life and Stop Playing Small
  • She often created pop up groups of 150+ in her short term challenges.

These are just a few examples of where Julie found a need for people to come together and created a mechanism to do so

I have a First Class BA Honours Degree in Performing Arts and a Masters in my heart I am a yes I do things a bit different from other coaches.

I have been building, nurturing and supporting communities of varying types in every job I've ever had.

I have worked with more than 15,000 clients in the past 5 years, and have an online presence of around 50K...not big numbers really...but remember quality is better than quantity.

I have run my own businesses for more than 20 years, in the last 6 years these have been primarily in the online world.

I am a sought after international speaker and transformational coach, and I don't just talk a good game, I get shit done.

One of the skills which I think makes me unique is that I apply creative coaching techniques alongside mentoring and consulting skills to this work...what that means is I don't just tell you what to do, I help you find the answers to some of the deeper things at play like fear, and money blocks, and feelings of not being good enough.

As a spiritually aligned coach I have an incredible ability to combine the universal laws of attraction and the earthly laws of momentum and cause and effect...mixing strategy and mindset in a way that gets results for my clients.

"I've had this idea in my head for around 2 yrs. I kept telling myself that no one needed it, women would not pay, I'm not good enough. But the support I've had has been overwhelming."

Michelle Gyimah, Gender Pay Gap Specialist

"OMG this is why I need you in my life, you are just overflowing with ideas"

Stacy Moore, The Nesting Coach

"For the first time EVER I can actually see that my art can give me the kind of income I've always dreamed of"

Shermain Phillips, BootzMama Artist

"I am much more likely to just get on with things now. I loved the fact that Julie encouraged us to sell something regularly and in all cases when I put something out there and shared it more widely I made sales."

Heather Waring, Women Walking, Women Talking

Hands down the most productive and empowering session I’ve ever had with a coach.

Dipti Solanki, Grief Coach

Crumbs this stuff works, this is the most I've made in one sale in 6 years.

Maria Antoniou, Psychic and Spiritual Teacher specializing in Relationships and Business & Financial Abundance.


My audience in my other businesses have been primarily women so I do attract a lot of female entrepreneurs to what I do.

There is nothing gender specific about the content of Tribe fact I think a lot of men running online business could learn an alternative way of marketing.

Many marketing tactics these days are very masculine in their energy. Although I would suggest Tribe Builder is neutral rather than overtly feminine.

To date more than 95% of Tribe Builders have been female...but I am happy to see that statistic shift.

This is for entrepreneurs who are serious about getting traction this year, who want to super-charge their efforts and have me as their personal business coach on their journey.

My VIP clients love that they have me in their team, they love that I REALLY get to know their lives as well as their businesses.


That I go out of my way to make sure their business is a roaring success.

This is an investment not only in your business but in your personal growth too.

I've invested over £100K in my development over the last 5 years, on high level business retreats with world class coaches such as Lisa Nichols, on courses to better understand different areas of the online world, and to sort out my own money mindset issues.

I'm not just someone who is going to show you how I did it, my coaching is backed up with academic study, and an ongoing obsession with learning from the best.

Also if you are already an established business owner and you want more access to me, and a slightly smaller tribe...drop me a line and speak to me about The Million Lives Club my VIP Mastermind.

I do not offer refunds based on an "I've changed my mind" basis.

Unlike a sealed CD or DVD, once you have started my programme and have been given access to my content and community there is no way of me knowing if you have accessed, consumed and/or downloaded my intellectual property.

Your results on this programme are based on your commitment to doing the work.

So unless you can argue the digital content or coaching was not,

  • Of satisfactory quality
  • Fit for purpose 
  • As described by the seller

There will be no refunds offered.

By purchasing this programme you are waving your right to a 14 day cooling off period...and shall I tell you why this is important?

Because it takes more than 14 days to truly get a feel for Tribe Builder.,..and the people in my community deserve to have a safe space which is not going to be full of lurkers or tyre my experience most requests for refunds come from a place of fear or resistence to doing the work.


So for those not in the know an MLM is a multilevel marketing company....which some will know are sometimes surrounded with controversy.

I would suggest we have a chat about your business model, the company and your goals.

The system absolutely works for MLMs, in fact it was designed specifically to, however from an ethical standpoint there are certain companies and products that I choose not to support. 

So let's chat.

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